psychological therapy

Working together

Taking the step to engage in therapy, be it an initial enquiry, one off session or something longer term, can be daunting. You might worry that your problem is too small to warrant support, or too big and complicated for therapy to be helpful. At TMC Psychology I strongly believe in ‘no health without mental health’, and that taking steps to focus on your mental health can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

Some of the reasons people have for seeking therapy include:

    • Self-discovery, developing a better understanding of your own psychology
    • Relationship difficulties
    • Help for children or younger family members
    • Improving mental health
    • To tackle a specific difficulty, such as OCD, persistent low mood, or the effects of a trauma
    • To improve self-esteem and confidence
    • Personal development

My particular areas of interest and expertise include:

    • Attachment and relationship difficulties
    • Family therapy
    • Low mood
    • Anxiety and worry (e.g. social anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, phobias)
    • Trauma and loss
    • Issues around fostering and adoption
    • Developmental trauma


    • Consultation
      Before booking an appointment, I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation so that we can discuss your needs and work out if the services I offer are appropriate.
    • Individual therapy
      Regular sessions using an individually tailored psychological approach to work towards your therapeutic goals.
    • Family therapy
      Regular sessions with two or more members of your family to improve communication, reduce conflict and improve the well-being of the whole family unit.
    • ‘Quick win’ session
      Two 50 minute sessions to focus on a specific issue you have. Perhaps you are feeling trapped in an unhelpful cycle but can’t find a way out? Or maybe you are struggling to understand a particular pattern of thinking or behaviour? During this session I will provide a psychological formulation (shared understanding based on psychological theory, clinical knowledge and scientific evidence) of why the difficulties may have come about, along with recommendations for moving forward.
    • Non clinical consultation
      Assessment or intervention at a group or organisational level.  Understanding behaviour, group dynamics and promoting behaviour change

Please enquire for other services not listed above.